Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Killer Product Placement

As I was watching the medical drama House on Fox tonight, I saw one of the slickest examples of product placement I've seen in a while. In this episode, the cranky Dr. House uses his iPod to help diagnose a young patient's heart problem.

Picture House and his associates gathered 'round a table upon which lies his trusty white iPod, hooked up to a speaker. House touches the click wheel to play the heart sounds he's recorded, and keeps replaying them until one of his associates "hears" the problem. Then, while they hustle off to deal with the patient, House goes back to listening to classical music. Quite the advertisement of the iPod's multitasking abilities.

Oh yeah, and with the iPod's help, they managed to solve this episode's medical mystery.

As the show ends, we get another glimpse of the good doctor sporting those signature white earphones as he contemplates riding a motorcycle off into the sunset.

Oh yeah, that's what I'd call killer product placement.

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Rocio Grajeda said...

Ever since I took an Advertising class I started to notice product placement everywhere. Last Sunday I was watching Desperate Housewives and there was a scene where Susan is walking out of her home and as she opens the door, the Hybrid drove by. I thought that was interesting because it came out so perfect. That is too funny!