Saturday, October 29, 2005

Your Favorite News Sources?

So, where do you go for news? What online news sources do you have bookmarked or selected for your ISP home page? What do you read? What news programs do you regularly listen to or watch?

Has the "grade the news" assignment changed your news habits in any way, or made you more critical of or appreciative of your favorite news sources?

Inquiring minds want to know!


Anonymous said...

I get my news from various media ranging from TV to newspapers, to the internet and radio. If I get my news information in the morning, its usually by newspaper because it is more time-friendly than TV news. If its in the evening, its usually the reverse. Occassionally, I catch a little bit of news on the radio, but it is usually trivial news, nothing too important. I go to the internet for news only when I want information-on-demand or detailed information about a specific topic. The source of news that I consider most valuable is school and my teachers. I rely on them to inform me about the most important issues that may not be covered by most sources.
Jackson Harp

casey fedde said...

Because news is constantly occurring, I often get my news several times throughout the day. Newspapers give a great summary of yesterday’s news, so I often read the San Jose Mercury News in the morning. Even though the Grade the News assignment graded the Mercury News with decent grades, often higher than other local newspapers, it did not affect my choice to read this paper. I very rarely watch television news broadcasts only because I am rarely home or free to watch them. When I do watch them, I always watch channel 3, but that is for a more personal reason. I have met the newscasters for channel 3 in their studio and now know them through friends of friends. So, I find myself watching this channel since I have seen the off-camera side of these people. The radio often interrupts its music with breaking news, so I rely on the radio to keep me informed throughout the day.

After participating in the Grade the News assignment, I thought I would have been swayed to watch or read certain newspapers or broadcasts, but I was not influenced at all. News has to be convenient to its readers, and I feel that the news that is convenient will predominantly pull more readers/viewers regardless of the quality of news.

Kao Saechao said...

Since I have SBC DSL cable, whenever I log on to my internet at home I get a list of the top news stories of the day or of most recent. They have catchy headlines which would break off and lead me to click on the link to see what the headline would end with. It's a way of catching my attention so I can read the story. I've really been informed on what's going on around me in the world through the internet. Newspaper wise, I always go for the mercury news. They show what is most important for us locals here in San Jose and they do a good job with their writing material. When it comes to t.v. I usually watch FOX news Channel since there always seem to be drama or a catchy headline. They're not so into having old politician men sit down and talk whcih is really really boring to watch like MSNBC does. For local news, I don't have a preference. believe if there is a major story all news stations would cast on it. In every case, I believe the media should tell a story with truth and honesty instead of with bias and leave the public to make their own decisions.