Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Good Day at JMC

Today was one of those days that makes me glad to be a teacher.

My Journalism 61A students came in today for their "final," which entailed revising their features, and then reformatting them, adding some subheads and hyperlinks, and saving them as web pages. They finished up by posting their stories on the 61A student web page. Not bad for an hour and half of work.

We had fun doing it, and there's always such a sense of accomplishment when you get the job done and see your name in print. And I like being able to be able to send everybody off feeling satisfied and happy. Maybe I just like full-circle endings.

As you browse through their stories, be sure to check out Joel Bridgeman's Can SJSU Football Suvive?, Danielle Ferree's Graduating On Time?, Ekene Ikeme's The Full College Experience is Expensive, Drew Nickolson's Skateboarding: A Trip Too Far, and Carl Ponzio's The Price of Four Letters.

Oh, and here's the class pic. Notice how relieved everyone looks now that the semester is done!

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