Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Time for fundamental change?

When I roam the blogosphere, I often find a couple new posts or blogs that are worth remembering and passing on. Here's the latest:
If you want to start thinking differently about how newspapers can leverage the power of the web, try reading Adrian Holovaty's "A Fundamental Way Newspaper Sites Need to Change."

Holovaty, an internet developer with a journalism background who is editor of editorial innovations at, suggests journalists should stop being so "story-centric" and start focusing on structuring information so that it can be repurposed. Yes, we're talking databases.

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A.Venegas said...

good article... although I feel there is still a place online for the same structured stories, there's just more of a place for different styles also. People respect the opinions of journalists more that those of everyday citizens blogging for the very reason that they are objective, removed in style, and specialists. That won't change online - journalists really need more than anything to be learning how to market themselves as individuals - soon there may not be room for conglomerates in news.