Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Professor Blogger

A sign of the times, perhaps?

According to BlogTogether, a blog for North Carolina bloggers and podcasters, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC-Chapel Hill is looking for a tenure-track prof who's a blogger.

An excerpt from the UNC ad says candidates should be "highly skilled in writing and editing online news, in blogging and in developing news content for the web.

Sounds like the future is now.

(Thanks to grad student Ryan Sholin for passing this on.)


kylebhansen said...

Please don't apply Cynthia! We need good professors like you at SJSU! Especially ones that know how to blog!

CA McCune said...

Don't worry, Kyle. I love the Bay Area and teaching at SJSU. Plus, I think my spouse might get cranky if I moved back East.