Sunday, August 05, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards at BlogHer

I've always been impressed by Elizabeth Edwards. Seeing her at BlogHer last weekend was a treat.

She was interviewed in the closing session by Lisa Stone, one of BlogHer's founders. One of Stone's first comments to Edwards got a rise out of the crowd. Stone said, "You asked Ann Coulter to stop the personal attacks. Many women here have dealt with trolls."

"They don't go away if you ignore them," Edwards said, adding that "trolls are cowards" and the only way to make them go away is to "out them."

Edwards writes a diary for her husband John Edwards' campaign blog and comments on several other blogs. She said she views blogging as "the new town square," and as one of the "more intimate ways we can engage with voters." Blogging provides a venue for candidates to have an honest conversation with citizens, "not have some press person writing it for you."

One attendee asked how her many people review her blog posts before they're posted?

"That's an easy question," Edwards said. "Zero."

Edwards noted, "I write my own. I'm a nut about grammar. My blood pressure stays better if I write my own."

After the session, Edwards joined BlogHer attendees at the closing reception, where she spent 30 or 40 minutes talking with people. (That's where I took this photo.)

You can find more coverage of Elizabeth Edwards at BlogHer here and here.

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