Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Get with the program

Time for newspapers to get with the program? The video program? That's what journalism pioneer Michael Rosenblum said recently to the Society of Editors conference. Here are some excerpts on his presentation from a blog post by Dominic Ponsford on Press Gazette (U.K.) blog:
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    • “Any idiot can do this, making TV is not hard, it's not complicated, it's not difficult. The technology makes it incredibly simple.”

      And he said print publications “must have video” on their websites or else go out of business.

    • “If you only have print or stills and your competitor has video your going to get eaten.”
    • He said print journalists were danger of becoming as obselete as the New England whalers of the 19th century.
    • “You are not in the newspaper business...When new technology like the internet comes along you can hide from it or you can embrace it.”

      He said: “Like the oilmen of New England you are already in the business but you have to remember the business you are in.

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