Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Macolytes worship at iPhone plinth

It took me a while to figure out what the crowds were gawking at...but there it was, slowly rotating in a plexiglass case atop a tall black plinth...the iPhone, spotlighted in all its glory.

Two iPhones were on display on either side of the main Mac stage; Macolytes gathered around the two pillars, gawking reverently and taking photos and videos.

"It's so slim, so stylish," cooed one Asian teen to her friend. "I think I want one."

Me too.

I watched the demo, and it looks like the iPhone is everything my current cell phone is not...sleek, logical and user-friendly. No more tapping the "2" key three times to type a "C" into my address book, no more having to remember "*86" is the code to access my messages.

Plus it's an iPod, a PDA and a web browser. Oh, how I covet it!

The next most crowded spot at MacWorld was the Supacam booth. This tiny digital video recorder, not much bigger than my little Olympus digital recorder, got a lot of attention. On both Wednesday and Friday, it was hard to make your way past the crowd.

The Supacam, priced at just $299, is so small that you have to be extra careful not to stick your fingers over the lens, which is located on the main body/stick/handle. The flip-out video display looked great, as did the projected images.

If I didn't have access to a video camera at school, I'd be wanting one of these too.

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