Monday, April 02, 2007

Lessons in video

So what did I learn from playing with a video camera and iMovie over spring break?

* It helps to have the right cable (the camcorder I was using wouldn't work with a Mac via USB cable; I needed camera/video-to-firewire cable)
* The Apple Store can show you everything you need to get started with iMovie in about an hour (especially helpful if you're too lazy to read the online tutorials)
* It would probably help to have some kind of script or storyboard
* If you don't have a tripod handy, you can always improvise (see photo)
* You can see more things on video than in a mirror (yes, I'm getting age spots)
* Playing with video is way more fun than cleaning house, and almost as fun as gardening (which is one reason why I'm heading back to campus this week with a tidy garden and a messy house)
* I can get my video work (and embed on my blog) using Google video, but not using YouTube, where it worked briefly then got labeled "rejected" -- maybe it's not kosher to talk about death? Or maybe YouTube doesn't like .mov files. Any ideas?

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Matt said...

I don't think YouTube likes .mov files. Once you have your video making down you can join groups on YouTube like this one.