Thursday, February 26, 2009

iPhone envy

Just got a call from my hubby. He's in downtown SF and apparently his car got towed. Bummer!

What next? Is there a BART station nearby? How do you find if your vehicle's been towed ... or stolen? And how do you get it back?

It just took me one Google search and a couple of clicks to find out. Called the SFPD number listed ... yup, it was towed. Got the details, called him back, told him where to go (so to speak).

But I couldn't help thinking ... if he'd had an iPhone, he could have sorted it out without my help.

Yes, I want one! I'll be so glad when my current phone contract expires!

Tags: iPhone, Google, SFPD, towed


deejbrown said...

I love gadgets and figuring how to use them. It's the learning chase, I suppose but it's also the importance of staying current (which is as good an excuse as any to purchase them!)

The Pam said...

I'm with you on the "waiting for the phone contract" to expire part. Oh yea, and the iPhone part too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but I do better on that "learning chase" with some gadgets than others. Computers ... fine. Digital camera ... OK, but I only use a smidgen of the features. I figured out how to set up our phone system and our DSL router, but I have yet to master the DVD player. Some day ....

And while I covet an iPhone, I'm also kinda cheap. It's a couple hundred dollars difference ... and the difference between feeling it's worth it and feeling like I've been had.

On the other hand, I was out running errands yesterday and thought I'd go to the paint store in the next town over, which is supposed to have a better selection of sample colors than my local one. Thought I knew where it was, but I couldn't find it. And I thought to myself, 'With an iPhone, I could've looked it up.'

Three weeks and counting!