Thursday, November 10, 2005

Focus Structure

There's a good example of focus structure in today's Mercury News. Check out the opening paragraphs of Juggling child care providers to see how reporter Michelle Quinn used one mother's experience to personalize and localize a U.S. Census report on the difficulties of arranging child care.


Stephania said...
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Stephania said...

I know from personal experience working as a nanny over the past 8 years how much families depend on others to care for their children. Many of the families I have worked for over the years also had another nanny working part time, so they constantly were juggling scheduling and tracking the number of hours worked. The benefit of having a back-up is that if the main child care provider is sick the parents won't always have to miss work because they can call their other child care provider to fill in. I personally believe in-home child care is better for the kids because many day care centers don't give the individual child the one on one attention they need. Stephania Bednar