Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Fun with headlines

I always like it when incongruous headlines show up together. Here are some that tickled me today:
Bush's theme on Iraq: victory, not pullout
U.S. military secretly placing favorable stories in Iraq papers
Think one has anything to do with the other? Well then, how about:
Traumatic stress is taking root along Gulf Coast
House budget-cut bill exempts drug makers
(okay, so you need to read the fine print on this one: turns out the exemptions are for mental health drugs, keeping their prices high)
Then, my favorite headline of the day:
Sharp objects might be allowed on planes again

You can play this game too. The only rules are: the headlines have to appear in the same issue of a publication (preferably on the same or facing pages), otherwise the entertaining irony factor is lost. Post your finds here!

P.S. When I read these headlines to my husband: 1) he didn't see the irony, and 2) he didn't think they were at all funny. Maybe you had to be there (in my warped brain, perhaps?) If you agree with Tom, you can tell me that too.

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