Monday, June 19, 2006

A road map for PR majors

A senior VP at a major PR agency says it remains "puzzlingly difficult" to find qualified early-career PR candidates.

Writing in his 21st Century Communications blog, Marcel Goldstein of Ogilvy PR Worldwide says university and internship training now gives most young PR professionals a good understanding of communication theory and the mechanics of public relations. But many, he adds, are lacking three key "starting gate" skills.

What's lacking?
  1. Writing skills: "Few read enough and read enough of quality to become good writers."
  2. Studiousness: "Success in our career requires a thirst for learning."
  3. Agility: "A new public relations professional must be flexible, adaptable and quick to comprehend the need to change in client and team situations."
A road map for PR majors, perhaps?

To read the rest of Goldstein's comments, here's a link to his blog.

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